Flash Analytics Tool

Flash Memory Lifespan Estimation

Flash memory has a limited number of read/write cycles. Toradex modules use high-grade flash memory coupled with an advanced wear leveling and error correction to provide a long working life. However, depending on your use case and the planned lifetime of your product, it's important to keep an eye on these cycles.

Flash Analytics Tool

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Stable Version

As there are several software layers between the flash memory itself and user-facing applications, calculating its lifetime is no trivial task. The Flash Analytics Tool monitors the actual writes, helping you to calculate the estimated lifetime of your flash module. This allows you to make optimizations to your system, such as buffering writes.


Lifetime Estimation
Real-time Per-process Write Statistics
Remote Web UI
Block-level Erase & Bad Block Counts
Health Status

Current Status

The Flash Analytics Tool is in an early stage. Toradex Labs offers you a glimpse into this work in progress. Some features mentioned on this page are not ready at this time. In the meantime, if you'd like to take a look or even give it a try, we would welcome your participation and feedback.

Current Features
  • Works with Torizon
  • Only supports eMMC JEDEC 5.0
  • Limited reporting functionality
  • Limited accuracy
  • Working web user interface 

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