Torizon for Raspberry Pi and x86-64

Torizon Software Ecosystem going beyond Toradex Hardware

Raspberry Pi Torizon

Torizon is a software platform that simplifies the process of developing and maintaining embedded software. It allows you to configure the system for IoT/IIoT with over the air updates (OTA) quickly and easily, so you can focus on application development instead of Linux builds.

With Torizon for Raspberry Pi and x86-64 devices, we experiment with extending the Torizon ecosystem beyond Toradex SoMs.
This software is provided experimentally as-is. Users may self-onboard, self-support and/or work with an integration partner to evaluate Torizon for Raspberry Pi & x86-64 systems. Please share with us your feedback & any interest to use Torizon in your product.

Raspberry Pi 4 and/or generic x86-64 TorizonCore images (one-time experimental release)

Provisioning support (to allow devices to provision to the platform)

Basic installation instructions

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